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What is Voogle Conference?Voogle 2023. - Expanding horizons in hardware

On Thursday, November 9, 2023, the fifth Voogle conference will be held at the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin. The Voogle conference is an international, inspiring and informative event that attracts well-known entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the business world who want to share their success stories, the challenges they have faced and the lessons they have learned along the way.

The ticket is free!

Participation in the conference is free for all visitors, but it is necessary to register through the service. The number of places at the conference is limited, so hurry and secure your place at Voogle 2023. – Expanding horizons in hardware


The Voogle conference has a new focus every year, and this year it is dedicated to hardware and artificial intelligence with the title “Voogle 2023 – Expanding horizons in hardware“. This year’s conference is organized by Technology Park Varaždin and Makerspace Varaždin in co-organization with partners from the Enterprise Europe Network.

Voogle accelerator

The Voogle accelerator is a program that provides support for innovative ideas and enables the accelerated development of strong and sustainable startups. The total prize pool is 10.000,00 €

Voogle accelerator is a program that provides support for innovative ideas and enables accelerated development of strong and sustainable startups through connection, networking, education, training, mentoring support and investors who are ready to invest money in the best innovative product or service. It consists of a 4-week program that provides the knowledge, network and confidence needed to scale their businesses.

Voogle accelerator participants have a unique opportunity to combine education, business networking and win a cash prize. The first three placed teams also win a cash prize for encouraging business and get the opportunity to use the TECH_PARK infrastructure, and the three best teams, i.e. entrepreneurial ventures, present their idea at the Voogle 2023 conference.

Voogle program

The conference program starts at 9:30, and we open registration an hour earlier. During the conference, we prepared various activities for our visitors:


During the entire conference, you have the opportunity to present yourself to potential employers or future business partners.

Panel discussions

The panelists will tell firsthand how they went from being a “Maker” to an entrepreneur.

Lectures and talks

Our speakers are experts in the field of hardware, artificial intelligence and starting your own business. Dont mind to share ideas with them.

B2B meetings

If you are interested in B2B meetings, register HERE and wait for our host to contact you.

Conference agenda

8:30 - 9:30
9:30 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:00
11:30 - 12:00
12:00 - 14:30
14:30 - 15:30
15:30 - 15:40
15:40 - 16:30
17:00 - . . .
Visitor registration
Voogle intro - Conference opening
Talk 1 – "The Future of Hardware: Emerging Technologies and Trends"
Talk 2 - "Embeded Security: Best Practices for securing your products"
Talk 3 – "Autonomous mobile robots: redefining warehousing and logistics operations"
Talk 4 - "Bridging the Gap Between University Education and Industry Demands"
Panel discussion - "Leveraging AI in hardware engineering"
Voogle B2B speed dating
Barcaffe break
Talk 5 - From Maker to Entrepreneur: Lessons Learned in Starting a HW Business
Talk 6 - From PhD to spin-off
Talk 7 - The pathway from a Makerspace to ULX3S
Talk 8 - The final step before commercialization – possible problems with EMC testing
Panel discussion: From Maker to Entrepreneur
Talk 9 - The Future of Additive Manufacturing: 3D Printing and Beyond
Talk 10- Large scale IoT
Talk 11 - The Role of Incubators and Accelerators in Hardware Startups"
EEN 15 years celebration
Voogle accelerator - intro
Voogle startup battle
Top 3 Voogle accelerator pitches
Award ceremony
Farewell party in RockArt Caffe
Vedran Bubalo - TECH_PARK
Neven Bosilj - City of Varaždin
Goran Kanižaj - MAKERSPACE
Tina Pahić - EEN Coordinator
Dominik Čičak - Host
Talk 1 – Zvonko Bočkaj - SICK Mobilisis
Talk 2 - Tonimir Kišasondi - Apatura
Talk 3 – Tomislav Haus - Gideon Brothers
Talk 4 - Zlatko Stapić - FOI
Panel discussion - Dijana Oreški - FOI
Talk 5 - David Zovko - Soldered
Talk 6 - Hrvoje Mihaldinec - Ultrax
Talk 7 - Goran Mahovlić - Intergalaktik
Talk 8 - Boris Anić-Ćurko - Inovatic ICT
Panel discussion: Kristina Detelj - FOI
Talk 9 - Valent Turković - 3D Tvornica
Talk 10- Marko Gazivoda - Intis
Talk 11 - Deni Nurkić - Nuqleus"
Voogle accelerator winners

Voogle speakers

Boris Anić-Ćurko
Inovatic ICT
David Zovko
Deni Nurkić
Nuqleus (ICENT)
Dijana Oreški
Goran Mahovlić
Hrvoje Mihaldinec
Ultrax Technologies
Kristina Detelj
Marko Gazivoda
Tomislav Haus
Gideon Brothers
Tonimir Kišasondi
Valent Turković
3D Tvornica
Zlatko Stapić
Zvonko Bočkaj
SICK Mobilisis

Why to attend on our conference?

You will listen to experts who will introduce you to the world of hardware product development, hardware security and product protection best practices, you will learn about the challenges and benefits of manufacturing in China, the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence and the balance between innovation and responsibility. You will have the opportunity to hear inspiring stories about the beginning of the development of your own hardware startup, lessons learned and experiences of those who turned their ideas into famous products.

Location and time


Croatian national theatre
Ul. Augusta Cesarca 1

42000 Varaždin – Croatia


9th november 2023


[email protected]
+385 42 500 050



Regsiter and save the spot!

“Voogle 2023 – Expanding horizons in hardware” will bring together a large number of experts from Croatia and abroad, and is ideal for entrepreneurs dealing with hardware as well as investors, manufacturers, technology enthusiasts, policy makers, students and the academic community. Don’t miss the conference on November 9: attendance is free, look for tickets at



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